Developing a brief is a two way process.  Usually, long before you approach an architect, you will have thought about the design and your requirements.  This information – often in the form of sketches, photos, cuttings, notes and the like – will form the framework for the initial discussions with us.  Although you may not realise the importance or value of this information, we will help you assemble all of it into a structured for to produce the final brief.

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“Concept Design is about getting the floor plan.”

An important part of this project is to determine the viability of renovating, against building a new home.  In this phase we will prepare a sketch concept for what we believe the best approach is to renovating the existing residence.  



“Schematic Design is primarily about getting the floor plan, and external look of the house right.”

In general, this stage involves the preparation of schematic design drawings, illustrated by preliminary sketch drawings and/or reports and provision of indicative estimates of cost.  We focus on the overall layout of the home, ensuring we interpret your brief correctly, and give you a floor plan that is going to work for you and your family.  We also design the exterior look of the home in this stage.  How it presents to the street, its materiality and articulation in the facade, and ensuring the home achieves the right connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.  




“Not all projects are required to get a town planning permit.  If your property is of a certain size or has certain overlays, a town planning permit will be required."

Many projects will require Town Planning Approval, and it is during this stage that a Town Planning Application will be submitted for approval.  This town planning process can take anywhere between 6 weeks to 12 months depending on site location, the planning scheme, dispute from neighbours against the proposed development, and the possibility of going to VCAT.



“This is where we are looking at anything that is still a design decision, but in much greater detail.”

In general, this stage involves the preparation of a developed design including as appropriate developed sketch drawings, reports, advice on preliminary designs of engineering and other specialist services and provision of time program and estimates of cost.  We also prepare interior design concepts for each wet area and room that has joinery.



“In this stage we prepare documents for builders to price and build from.”

This stage includes the preparation of documents sufficient for pricing including, as appropriate co-ordination and integration of consultants’ work.  It is during this stage that we finalise the architectural, interior and engineering documentation, and prepare a consolidated package of documents ready to be priced by the tendering builders, to obtain the building permit, and be built from once the builder has been chosen, and building contract signed.



“During construction, we represent you, and make sure your home is built according to our design.”

If you wish, we are happy to provide our service during this stage on an hourly rate basis or as a fixed fee.  In general, this stage would usually involve the administration of the Building Contract and inspection of the works including, as appropriate, supplying information, checking claims and issuing certificates, negotiating variations and cost adjustments and dealing with claims for extensions of time and other matters included in the contract.